Return with Confidence

Return with Confidence!

Data Clean and Sterile Science can help your workers return to the workplace with confidence.

Data Clean offers cleaning and disinfection services for all areas of your facility. From the factory to the boardroom, Data Clean solutions are designed to meet your needs and fit your Return-to-Work Plans. Most importantly, disinfecting by Data Clean kills coronavirus and gives your employees confidence and peace of mind when returning to the workplace.

Whether you want to disinfect as a precautionary measure or in reaction to a possible exposure, Data Clean has you covered. Whether all your workers will return in a single surge or a phased approach, Data Clean is ready.

You can trust our 41 years of cleaning the most critical environments for the world's largest companies. You can trust our highly effective and efficient sterilization technology. You can trust Data Clean to keep your facility virus free.

  • Offices Areas
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Technical Spaces – Labs, Studios, Trading Desks
  • Amenities – Cafes, Gyms, Auditoriums
  • IT Infrastructure
  • HVAC & MEP Infrastructure

Why Data Clean and Sterile Science?

Data Clean has been cleaning critical environments since 1979. Over the years, our clients have driven us to expand beyond our namesake data center markets into cleanrooms, laboratories, clean manufacturing, and other non-janitorial services. As the business grew, we felt the need to better distinguish our cleanroom services – especially for the aseptic and sterile market. In 2016, Sterile Science LLC was launched as a wholly owned subsidiary of Data Clean Corporation. Sterile Science provides services to the pharma, life science, compounding, and sterile manufacturing markets.

Much like Data Clean, Sterile Science performs scheduled and event driven services. Also like Data Clean, Sterile Science delivers superior results for customers who demand the absolute highest value services. For instance, Sterile Science Dry Fog 2 technology delivers a six log kill in less time, with less pre and post conditioning of the environment, and with greater efficacy than competing services.

Data Clean, Sterile Science and COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic and its impact on all industries, including Data Clean's core market, has prompted Data Clean and Sterile Science to offer a combined disinfection service. Data Clean's experience in cleaning sensitive technology environments and Sterile Science's experience and capability controlling microorganisms creates a powerful combination. Since early February, Sterile Science's microbiologist and Data Clean's lead engineer have been testing and evaluating disinfectant products and application methods to deliver appropriate efficacy without damaging sensitive equipment and surfaces – whether we are disinfecting data centers, office areas, or specialty technical areas such as television studios and trading desks. The result of this effort is a solution set which is not only efficient and effective but appropriate for the various disparate environments within your facility.

Data Clean – Sterile Science disinfection services can be performed on a precautionary basis – when no known infection source is involved, or on a reactionary basis - after a possible infection source was identified.

Data Clean services support multiple Critical Infrastructure Sectors, as defined by DHS.
Data Clean will continue operations throughout this critical period.

Contact your local Data Clean account manager for more information.

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