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Hot Spot Remediation in the Data Center

Not only do hot spots jeapardize the health of your equipment, but they indicate wasted energy — energy waste that can often be prevented.

A Data Clean representative can help you diagnose and fix your hot spot problems (and save on energy costs too).

New generations of IT hardware continue to pack more technology into the same space. Unfortunately, the power consumption per square foot and heat density is also increasing. The result is hot spots in the computer room that are caused by inadequate volumes of cooling air being delivered to the air intakes of computer equipment.

Computer room hot spots are a result of poorly directed cooling, and adding more expensive cooling equipment may not be the answer.

Data Clean is more than just cleaning. Data Clean is all about value. We want to provide value to our customers. With specialized consulting services, Data Clean delivers on its value promise.

Please contact your local Data Clean account manager for more information.

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