The year is 1979. Gold is less than $500 per ounce and oil is less than $25 per barrel. Three Mile Island nuclear power station suffers a partial melt-down. Margaret Thatcher is elected Prime Minister of the UK. Data Clean begins operations in the New York City metro area.

Most large companies and institutions have adopted computers for certain business processes and mid-size companies are heading in that direction. Computer Rooms have sprung up all around the developed world. Raised access floors and specialized air conditioning are common.

Removable disk packs, high volume printers, and personnel with food, drinks, and even cigarettes, make for a risky comingling of contamination and vulnerable technology.

As a data center manager himself, Data Clean’s founder recognizes the need and value of specialized cleaning services for computer rooms. The rest, as they say, is history.

Although it wasn’t always easy to convince others of the need to maintain a clean environment, the world has generally come to understand the impact of contamination on critical systems. Today, with our 100% availability mindset, there is little question of the need to properly maintain computing facilities.

Over the years, Data Clean expanded its reach and capability to clean other types of critical environments such as cleanrooms, laboratories, and video facilities. Our customers have encouraged us to clean non-critical environments as well – because these customers appreciate the value of Data Clean services.

Today, Data Clean maintains myriad critical environments for thousands of customers around the world.

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