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Airborne Particle Counts

Air Quality Analysis and Airborne Particle Counts

With the emphasis on clean air in the workplace and employee health, the need for understanding the air quality in data centers, cleanrooms and controlled environments is imperative.

Data Clean offers air sampling services using state-of-the art testing protocols. We offer testing for volatile organic compounds, viable microbial particles, mold and mold spores, CO, CO2, ozone and other tests pertinent to the workplace environment. The results of these tests will be compared to recommended guidelines and the results provided in a report listing all variances.

The best run facilities monitor the contamination level in the facility by measuring the quantity of airborne particulate. This information is then used to drive policies and procedures that help maintain cleanliness of the facility. Data Clean can provide particulate counts to help you establish and maintain a monitoring program.

Please contact your local Data Clean account manager for more information.

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