AisleLok® Modular Containment


Rack Gap PanelAisleLok® Modular Containment is the industry’s first modular containment solution designed to offer the airflow management benefits of hot and/or cold aisle isolation, but with greater flexibility and price value than traditional containment solutions. The AisleLok® Modular Containment solution is comprised of Rack Top Baffles, Bi-Directional Doors, and the Adjustable Rack Gap Panel.


  • Enables the reduction of supply airflow volume, which reduces operating costs and bypass
    airflow volume.
  • Prevents hot air recirculation from back-to-front over the top of the racks.
  • Prevents hot air recirculation from wrapping around the end of rows.
  • Prevents bypass and recirculation air in gaps between the racks in a row.


  1. Angular Rack Top Baffles
  2. Vertical Rack Top Baffles
  3. Bi-Directional Doors
  4. Adjustable Rack Gap Panel

Angular Rack Top Baffles

Typically installed on the top front edge of an IT rack in a cold aisle. The Rack Top Baffles extend from the front edge of the rack into the aisle, reducing the open area of the aisle and slightly pressurizing the cold aisle relative to surrounding areas.

In addition, the Rack Top Baffles significantly reduce the recirculation of hot exhaust air from the rack equipment across the top of the rack and back into the front intake of the rack.

Quick and easy magnetic mounting allows for a fully deployed containment solution in minutes, with minimal disruption to the computer room.

PDFRack Top Angle Baffle Data Sheet

Angular Baffle

Vertical Rack Top Baffles

Typically installed on the top rear edge of the IT rack. These Rack Top Baffles further restrict hot/cold air mixing. They separate the hot exhaust air on the rear of the rack from the cold supply air on the front of the rack, and create a chimney effect that directs the hot air towards the ceiling plenum and returns of the cooling units. The recirculation of air over the tops of the rack is virtually eliminated.

Vertical Rack Top Baffles can also be installed on the front of the racks in the cold aisle. In some computer room configurations,this may provide a better solution for air separation than the angular baffles. Like Angular Baffles, these are quickly installed with magnetic mounting to assure minimal diruption to the data center.

PDFRack Top Vertical Baffle Data Sheet

Vertical Baffle

Bi-Directional Doors

Doors at the end of the aisles are the third component that further isolates the hot air and cold air mixing in the computer room. In most computer rooms, hot exhaust airflow wraps around the sides of the racks at the end of an aisle. This results in significant mixing of the hot and cold air, and elevated inlet temperatures for the IT equipment in these racks. The usual compensation for this is to add perforated tiles, increase the cooling unit’s airflow volume, or decrease the temperature set points. Though these implementations often work, it is using a brute force approach. Increasing fan speeds or decreasing temperature set points has a significant impact on electrical usage and energy costs. To incur these inefficiencies for the sake of a few racks is a waste of resources and compromises utilization.

Simple installation and modular design allows doors to easily be removed, relocated, or repositioned as your computer room evolves.

PDFBi-Directional Doors Data Sheet

PDFBi-Directional Door Gap Seal Kit Data Sheet

PDFAisleLok Technical Information – Magnet Strength

Vertical Baffle

Adjustable Rack Gap Panel

The Adjustable Rack Gap Panel seals the space between the racks when they are not adjacent to one another. In many computer rooms, cabinets are not contiguous in the rows. The gaps are often due to obstructions, such as support columns, variable width cabinets, cabinets removed and not replaced, or many other reasons. The openings in the rows allow significant bypass and or recirculation of the exhaust air. Prevention of this improves overall computer room efficiency and reduces hot spots at the rack level.

Tool-less design easily attaches directly to the rack side panel magnetically for easy installation. More Details...

Rack Gap Panel

PDFAisleLok Rack Gap Panel Data Sheet

PDFAisleLok Technical Information - Airflow Management

PDFAisleLok Technical Information - Fire Safety

PDFAisleLok Technical Information - Magnetic Field Strength


  • No tools required for installation.
  • Magnetic mounting makes installation quick and easy,
    allowing for minimal disruption to the data center.
  • Each part can be assembled in about a minute.


PDFRack Top Angle Baffle Installation

PDFRack Top Vertical Baffle Installation

PDFBi-Directional Doors Installation

PDFBi-Directional Door, Gap Seal Kit Install Guide

PDFAdjustable Rack Gap Panel Striker Plate Installation

PDFRack Gap Panel Installation

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