Proper airflow management reduces energy, frees resources and saves money.

Proper airflow management is essential to achieving efficient cooling, which can consume up to half of the total energy used in a data center.

Data Clean's Airflow Management Services help keep data centers running efficiently and at optimal performance which reduces energy consumption, frees up resources, and saves money while contributing to sustainability.

Cooling Chart
Data Center Power Consumption
  • Cooling can be half of the total energy consumed in a data center.
  • Cold air is wasted if not properly managed.
  • Proper isolation is critical to achieve cooling efficiency.
Path to Isolation

Data Clean understands that the path to total isolation differs for every data center. That's why we offer Airflow Management Services that adjust to fit your needs.

Cooling Rack

Data Clean's Airflow Management Services have been helping clients since 2002. Initially focused on implementing the hot aisle/cold aisle concept, now Data Clean aims to isolate equipment's hot and cold sides completely. This can be challenging, especially in existing facilities, but Data Clean has the expertise to guide clients around the world successfully.

Efficient Cooling
  • Directs airflow through, not around IT equipment
  • Prevents bypass airflow
  • Eliminates hot air recirculating directly to IT equipment

Our Airflow Management Service follows a simple but effective process: Airflow Management

  • Measure conditions and capacities
  • Model solution technology
  • Design solution
  • Model solution financials
  • Implement and install

With Data Clean's Airflow Management Service, you can expect efficient cooling, reduced energy consumption, and save money in the long run.

Don't let inefficient cooling consume your data center's energy and resources.

Contact Data Clean today to learn how our Airflow Management Service can help you achieve efficient cooling and save money.

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