Adjustable Rack Gap Panel


Rack Gap Panel Magnetically attaches to rack sides to close off gaps, such as those created by building support columns or missing IT racks. Adjustable panel is capable of enclosing gaps 10"-60" wide. Standard size fits 42U - 45U. Tall size fits 48U - 50U.

AisleLok® Modular Containment

AisleLok® Modular Containment is the industry’s first modular containment solution designed to offer the airflow management benefits of hot and/or cold aisle isolation, but with greater flexibility and price value than traditional containment solutions. The AisleLok® Modular Containment solution is comprised of Rack Top Baffles, Bi-Directional Doors, and the Adjustable Rack Gap Panel.


  • Reduces exhaust air recirculation.
  • Supports reduced energy costs by providing the opportunity to increase set point temperatures and/or turn off cooling units or reduce fan speeds.
  • Enables the reduction of bypass airflow.
  • Improves cooling airflow, which allows for higher
    rack densities.
  • Supports increased reliability and availability of IT equipment by reducing server intake temperatures.
  • Modular design and out-of-the-box installation does not require 3rd party design, engineering, or construction, which minimizes computer room disruption.

Rack Gap Panel


  • Tool-less design attaches magnetically to sides of rack panels.
  • Encloses gaps 10" to 60" (250-1500 mm) wide.
  • Rugged, high quality design.
  • Installs out of box in typically a minute or less.
  • Measures 10" to 60"W x 4"D x 80"H.
  • Symmetrical design allows for mounting on left or right side.
  • Standard size fits 42U - 45U. Tall size fits 48U - 50U.
  • Reversible design can show either black or white side of the material.
  • Constructed with flame-rated materials.

PDFAisleLok Rack Gap Panel Data Sheet


  1. Locate gap between adjacent cabinets.
  2. Attach one side of panel to side of gap magnetically.
  3. Extend retractable material across gap, connecting magnetically on other side.

PDFAisleLok Adjustable Rack Gap Panel Striker Plate Installation

PDFAisleLok Rack Gap Panel Installation

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