Keeping Your Data Center Clean, Healthy, and Sustainable.

Proper maintenance of your data center or computer room is critical to the health and longevity of your equipment, personnel, and business. At Data Clean, we understand that every facility is unique, and our services adjust to fit your needs.

Data Center Cleaner

We offer flexible scheduling ranging from once a year to once a month and can perform these same services in response to floods, other disasters, or to prepare for equipment installation after construction.

Proper airflow management is crucial to reduce energy consumption and save money, as cooling can consume up to half of a data center's total energy usage.

Data Center Dusting

A well maintained data center yields many benefits:

  • Equipment - High Reliability | Maximum Uptime
  • Facilities - Energy Efficient | Professional Image
  • People - Healthy Environemnt | Improved Productivity

Data Clean offers comprehensive solutions that can help you achieve a sustainable and efficient data center.

Proper airflow management is crucial to reduce energy consumption and save money, as cooling can consume up to half of a data center's total energy usage.

Proper maintenance of equipment contributes to sustainability by keeping machines working at optimal levels. Dust and other contaminants can act as insulators, causing equipment to run hotter and consume more electricity.

Our trained technicians provide five critical cleaning services that can be performed separately or in combination, based on your specific needs:


Your data center's cable trays, lighting fixtures, ductwork, and piping collect harmful dust particles and accumulate particulate from the surrounding environment. It is crucial to address these overhead areas through regular cleaning to prevent dust buildup, maintain a clean environment, and minimize the risk of equipment contamination or performance issues.


Regularly cleaning the ceiling plenum in your data center is vital when it's used for returning air. Airborne particles settle on building structures and MEP systems, posing risks to your data center's performance. Proper ceiling plenum cleaning removes airborne particles, eases filter strain, and safeguards valuable equipment for a healthy and efficient data center.

Exterior Hardware

Data Clean uses specialized, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to remove dirt, dust, and other contaminants from your controlled environment. Our technicians are trained to clean all types of hardware, including servers, switches, and routers. We use HEPA filtered vacuums that are certified to 0.3 microns to remove even the smallest particles from your facility.

Top Floor

The flooring in your computer room is designed to dissipate static electricity by providing a conductive path to ground. Dirt and dust on top of and ground into the computer flooring can reduce its ability to dissipate static. Our specialized cleaning agents safely remove dust and dirt from all types of tile and carpeted floor surfaces.

Underfloor Plenum

The plenum beneath the raised flooring of your computer room delivers cool, filtered air to the sensitive equipment above. Unfortunately, it is also the area most prone to dirt and dust. Accumulated contaminants can be swept up and carried to your equipment by the circulating air conditioning system, which can cause clogged circuity, increased risk of fire, accidental fire suppressant discharge, and miscellaneous health problems. Our underfloor cleaning service helps protect your equipment from these hazards.

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