Equipment Clamp Model A
Installation is Available.

Leveling Jack Clamp - Model A
H:1-3/4" D:2-1/2"

Made in USA
Data Clean equipment clamps/bracing or "leveling jack clamps" create a safer workplace and also minimize damage to sensitive equipment in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster.
  • Easy to remove and reuse with sensitive equipment upgrades
  • Designed and engineered to exceed UBC Zone 4 standards
  • Model A Dimensions:  H:1-3/4" D:2-1/2"
1 Split Nut is included with each clamp. Select the size of split nut when ordering.  Anchors and bolts by others.

Please select the split nut size when ordering.
In stock
Price: $75.60

Leveling Jack Clamp Model A - Clamp Only
In stock
For 3/4" applications, clamps may be used with no split nut.  Consider installing locking nuts on the jack bolt above and below the clamp if space allows.  For leveling jack rods greater than 3/4" such as a 20mm, the clamp hole may need to be drilled to size.
Price: $70.00