Adhesive Floor Mats

36x72 Contamination Control Mats

Stop dirt at the door with Data Clean's Contamination Control Mat. These are often referred to as sticky mats or tacky mats because the sticky mat surface traps dirt as foot traffic or wheels pass over the tacky surface of the mat.

Quality adhesive coating ensures maximum performance on each sticky mat sheet. Peel off to expose a fresh sheet.

Numbered tabs indicate the number of remaining sheets left on your sticky mat.

Popular Sticky Mat sizes: 18x3624x30, 24x36, 36x45
Due to the size of this mat, this mat is shipped on a pallet by motor freight.  Special orders of smaller quantities are available.  Shipping costs vary widely based on order quantity and distance, call for accurate pricing 800-328-2256.

30 Sheets per Sticky Mat
4 Sticky Mats Per Case
120 Sheets Total per Case
10 Cases per Pallet

Available in White and Blue.
36x72 Sticky Mats - 30 Sheets
In stock
Price: $2,697.53
Call to order - 800-328-2256
38x74 Frame
In stock
White Frame Fits 36x72 Mats.  This frame is a special order frame and has a lead time of 2-3 weeks.
Price: $2,807.00
Call to order - 800-328-2256