EziBlank Wall


EZIBlank Wall

A cost effective way to maintain important air flow dynamics within a Data Center.

EziBlank® Wall replacement racks are assembled in minutes, creating a stable rack sized air flow barrier that can be positioned anywhere and re-used again and again. The modular design is a 2-piece, stackable design - transporting and storing on site has never been easier.

Each modular can cover up to 23U or 46U when stacked together. Assembled from flat sheet, EZIBLANK® Modular Wall panels build quickly into a strong, stable triangular structure. Easily construct a full height rack in seconds.

Pack of 2.

Angle Anchor for EziBlank Wall (optional)

EZIBlank Wall

A cost effective way to making the EziBlank® Wall even more effective and secure.

These add-on mounting angle are designed to further secure EziBlank® Walls in place. They are particularly useful for aligning (at top) and securing multiple EziBlank® Walls. The single angle can be fixed to the wall or across two walls by use of provided black plastic screws. Also, for extra securing the angle can be fixed to the floor by use of provided double sided tape tabs.

Pack of 4.


  • Stackable, covering up to 46U with two units (or 23U separately).
  • A stable airflow barrier that can be positioned anywhere.
  • Quick to assemble from flat sheet into strong triangular structure.
  • Suits various spaces up to 46RU high and 24" - 32" wide.
  • Prevents hot air recirculation in a hot or cold containment aisle.
  • Simply “rotate” to obtain correct width.


Dimensions: Each sheet is approximately 91" x 43".
Weight: 15 lbs per Pack of 2
Material: Flame retardant, impact resistant, water resistant, twin walled polypropylene sheet 1/4" thick.
Available Colors: Black

PDFEziBlank Wall Data Sheet

PDFEziBlank Wall - Angle Anchor Data Sheet


EziBlank® Walls assemble from a flat sheet and are quickly built into a strong, stable triangular structure.

Just rotate to suit desired rack width.

Contact your local Data Clean account manager for more information.

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