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Subfloor Sealing

The natural and continuous oxidation of your concrete subfloor is a major cause of controlled environment contamination. The only way to eliminate this source of contamination is to seal the surface of the concrete. Data Clean technicians can seal your subfloor before, or after, the installation of your equipment.

They use a noncorrosive, nontoxic, and nonflammable sealant to do the job right. It completely seals your concrete subfloor, eliminating oxidation.

How Your Subfloor Can Poison Your Computer Room!

The underfloor plenum is the lifeline of your computer room. It supplies the continuous flow of cold, conditioned air to keep your computer systems from overheating. But, if your plenum has a concrete subfloor, it can also be the source of an amazing amount of serious, equipment-threatening contamination.

Even though it looks as solid as a rock, a concrete subfloor is constantly releasing millions of tiny, abrasive particles of what is commonly called concrete dust. Those particles are swept up by the plenum airflow and inevitably deposited on your sensitive electronic equipment where they clog filters and accumulate on circuit cards.

You can well imagine what concrete dust will do inside a disk drive, but even more damage ultimately results from the fact that concrete dust is a very good thermal insulator. Such an insulating blanket of concrete dust is an excellent way to raise equipment operating temperatures. Even a small but prolonged increase in operating temperature will lead to premature component failure.

The problem gets worse. The magnetic image on today's high density tapes is so small that just one of these tiny particles can literally wipe out hundreds of bits! And don't forget what these abrasive particles are doing to your precision read/write heads. More wear, more maintenance, more lost data.

Now, think about what those particles are doing to the people working in the sealed environment of your computer room where the chilled air--and concrete dust particles--are continually recirculated.

Don't despair, Data Clean can help.

How Data Clean Controls Subfloor Contamination

Unlike many of your problems, subfloor contamination is easily solved. Data Clean employs a permanent, non-toxic, non-flammable coating system specifically engineered to seal concrete subfloors. It completely penetrates all the tiny peaks and valleys of your subfloor to form a permanent protective finish that completely eliminates surface oxidation and subfloor contamination.

Data Clean Can Seal Your Subfloor Before or After Construction

The best time to apply Data Clean's sealant is while the room is under construction before the access flooring system is installed. But our specially trained technicians can also seal subfloors in existing on-line rooms. If your equipment configuration changes, we'll even come back and seal newly exposed areas at no extra charge.

Data Clean has been sealing concrete since 1979 and that experience makes our technicians unique in the industry. The Data Clean process calls for meticulous cleaning of the concrete surface before sealant application, to insure a complete and exceptionally strong bond. And, your equipment is safe because Data Clean technicians are trained to work with delicate electronic equipment and cabling.

How Data Clean Guarantees Satisfaction

Every installation starts with a consultation to determine your specific needs. Your Data Clean representative will evaluate your subfloor and discuss the sealing procedure with you in detail. Then we will provide a written proposal and service recommendation.

Our reputation is built on excellence. Data Clean's entire Subfloor Sealant Service, including the material, is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. As with all Data Clean services, a completely satisfied customer is our number one priority.

Please contact your local Data Clean account manager for more information.

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