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Cleanroom Cleaning

Maintenance Cleaning

Data Clean technicians are available to clean your cleanroom according to your frequency and your maintenance protocol. Our cleaning activities can be your only cleaning program or be supplemental to your own in-house program. Equipment and chemicals are chosen to be equal or compatible with your processes and systems. Disinfection and sanitization routines are matched to dovetail with your existing protocols.

Don't have existing cleaning protocols? Data Clean can help you set up and establish a routine specific to the needs of your environment.

Periodic Super Cleans

Even though a cleanroom may not be out of compliance with its design classification, the cleanliness level of many cleanrooms slowly deteriorates over time. When this happens, it's time for Data Clean and a Super Clean service. This service is more involved and more comprehensive than normal maintenance cleaning. Data Clean technicians can clean your entire facility and the equipment within to return you to a level of cleanliness consistent with the requirements of your facility, your processes and your customers.

Post Construction Clean

Data Clean routinely performs the final cleaning and initial disinfection and sanitization services, as appropriate, for newly constructed facilities.

Data Clean also performs clean construction cleaning to help new cleanrooms remain as clean as possible during construction.

Please contact your local Data Clean account manager for more information.

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