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Airflow Management

Proper airflow management reduces energy, frees resources
and saves money.

Power Consumption

Data Centre Power Consumption

  • Cooling can be half of the total energy consumed in a data centre
  • Cold air is wasted if not properly managed
  • Proper isolation is critical to achieve cooling efficiency

Efficient Cooling

Airflow Efficient Cooling
  • Directs airflow through, not around IT equipment
  • Prevents bypass airflow
  • Eliminates hot air recirculating directly to IT equipment

Airflow Management Services

Data Clean has been serving its clients with Airflow Management Services since 2002. In the beginning, the goal was implementation of the new hot aisle/cold aisle concept. Today, the goal is total isolation of the hot and cold sides of the equipment

Simple in theory, implementation of total isolation can be challenging; particularly in existing facilities. Data Clean has developed the expertise to successfully guide our clients to total isolation in data centres around the world.

The Data Clean Airflow Management Service is your choice for low cost, high impact solutions.

The Path of Total Isolation.jpg

The Path to Total Isolation

  • Measure conditions and capacities
  • Model solution technology
  • Design solution
  • Model solution financials
  • Implement and install

Data Clean understands that the path to total isolation is as varied as individual data centre facilities. Our services adjust to fit your needs.

Reach Your Goals with Data Clean

Eliminate Bypass Airflow · Raise Set Points · Lower PUE · Eliminate Hot Spots
Support Higher Density Installations · Reduce Cost

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