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Critical Environment Cleaning

When planning for critical environment cleaning, the first questions are: What is the scope? What is the frequency? Quite simply, what needs to be done and how often? The answers to both questions are typically driven by the needs or requirements of the facility. Most cleaning is performed because of some combination of the following:

  • Need of the process being performed or product being produced
  • Health and safety of the people in the environment
  • General appearance or aesthetics

Data clean offers a variety of cleaning scopes and frequencies to meet the needs of wide variety of critical and not-so critical environments.

From very large to very small, and from clean to not so clean, Data Clean technicians have cleaned millions of square feet of critical environments – cleanrooms, computer rooms, factories, mechanical rooms, video head-ends, and all types of other special environments.

Please contact your local Data Clean account manager for more information.

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