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Adhesive Temperature Indicator Strips


Temperature StripsKeep IT equipment running within recommended temperatures for high reliability and energy efficiency.

Self-adhesive temperature sensors easily attach to any smooth surface - equipment, racks, blanking panels, cabinets, walls - and provide continuous readout. These inexpensive thin-film sensor strips allow convenient monitoring of all your equipment.

The latest standards established by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and equipment manufacturers suggest a low end operating temperature of 18°C (64.4 °F) and a high end operating temperature of 27°C (80.6 °F). The recommended environment range is 20-25°C (68 to 77 °F, dry bulb temperature) and a relative humidity (RH) range of 40 to 55%. For more details, please refer to the ASHRAE book on “Design considerations for Datacom Equipment Centers” for details on data center type, altitude, recommended vs allowable, etc...


  • Strips measure 7" x 3/4"
  • Temperature measurements between 60 and 90 degrees

How to Read a Temperature Strip

If the cell is illuminated green, that's the correct temp. If two cells are illuminated, the temp is between the two (typically a blue and red/brown). The cells change color from red to green to blue as they go from warm to cool.

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