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PLENAFILL® Blanking Panels


PLENAFILL® blanking panels are a proven, cost-effective addition to rack cooling solutions for the data center and computer room.

PLENAFILL® blanking panels keep cold air at the front of the server cabinets – where it belongs. PLENAFILL® blanking panels cover empty rack spaces to keep the cooled air at the front of the cabinet and prevent exhausted warm air from circulating to the front. As a result, servers operate at a cooler temperature and less cooling energy is expended.

The installation of inexpensive PLENAFILL® blanking panels optimizes the cooling of data center hardware. Improved cooling capacity, decreased costs and improved hardware MTBF can be achieved, making PLENAFILL® a must have for and green conscious IT solution.

Plenafill Before & After

PLENAFILL® panels are made from lightweight non-flammable (fire rated to UL94-V0) material and can be installed without tools and in any 19" or 23" rack. Each blanking panel is 27U tall with air tight perforations for every 1U (23" wide panels come in 12U). This unique and flexible design, along with tool-free rivets, makes for quick and easy installation.

PLENAFILL® panels take the guesswork out of determining how many blanking panels are needed to cover open rack spaces. Simply separate the length needed, from one to up to 27 RUs. Large sections of un-occupied rack space can be quickly and easily filled, stopping by-pass air flow. These scalable blanking panels install in seconds, with no tools required.

PLENAFILL® blanking panels fit all EIA 301 19-inch server racks and are available in black or white. The 23" width PLENAFILL® panels are available in black.

Black Blanking Panels White Blanking Panels


  • Stops server exhaust air flow recirculation
  • U's are perforated for easy separation
  • Fits All 19" EIA 310 racks and is also available in a 23" width
  • Stores flat and compact - Less storage space
  • Lightweight - Less freight cost
  • UL VO Class 94 Fire Rated
  • RoHS & Wee Compliant
  • No cage nuts required
  • No air gaps between U's
  • Scalable


Fire Rated Material: UL-VO class 94, RoHS & WEEE Compliant, Non-hygroscopic

PLENAFILL® 19" Wide - 27U each, 10 per carton
Pack of 10 PlenaFill Blanking panels = 270 rack mount U's total
Panel Overall Dimensions: 47.25" X 19.25" X .40" (H x W x D).

PLENAFILL® 23" Wide - 12U each, 12 per carton
Pack of twelve 12U Blanking Panels = 144 Rack Mount U's total
Panel Overall Dimensions: 47.25" X 19.25" X .40" (H x W x D). 

23" wide panels come in both Standard Mounting Holes and also 1" center mounting holes (older Western Electric racks - AT&T pre-divestiture).
23" Plenafill Dimensions


Installs in seconds - no tools required!

For installation, the PLENAFILL® Square Snap Rivets or PLENAFILL® Threaded Thumb Screws should be ordered with the panels.

Contact your local Data Clean account manager for more information.

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