Particulate Contamination

It's all around us!
Do you know the source of your dirt?

Data Center particulate contamination comes from a variety of sources. Some is of our own making and some is part of the environment. Most can be better managed to prevent downtime. Particulate management includes following data center best practices, limiting particulate entry paths, and of course cleaning to remove particulate that does get inside.


  • Ordinary earth (dirt, sand, clay, and rock) become dust when airborne
  • Organic particulate such as pieces of plant matter, insects, pollen, and spores are in the air


  • Combustion byproducts from auto and truck exhaust or industrial smokestacks
  • Industrial and manufacturing output that finds its way outdoors, e.g. sawdust and other materials
  • Construction dust produced within the environment or in adjacent areas


  • Dead skin and hair
  • Clothing fibers


  • Cardboard boxes and packaging
  • Wooden pallets
  • Paper Dust


  • Belt dust caused by misaligned motor and blower pulleys, or shivs
  • Mineral deposits evaporated from humidifier supply water
  • Insulation particulate from HVAC duct liner decomposition and disintegration

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