MicrobeCare Antimicrobial Treatment

MicrobeCare™ Antimicrobial Treatment

Safe, effective, persistent protection for high-touch surfaces

Data Clean goes beyond standard cleaning and disinfection with our MicrobeCare service offering.

MicrobeCare is a unique patented, EPA registered antimicrobial solution that helps reduce the spread of infection and cross contamination of dangerous microorganisms. Unlike ordinary disinfecting products, MicrobeCare bonds to inert surfaces and provides persistent antimicrobial activity. The microscopic coating is not removed by regular cleaning products and offers lasting protection from a variety of pathogens.

MicrobeCare is safe and is used extensively in highly sensitive healthcare environments. An independent, double-blind study tested a variety of surfaces in a hospital setting. Daily cleaning and disinfection was performed throughout. Researchers found that items treated with MicrobeCare had 94% less detectable contamination than the untreated items. The results were consistent even six weeks after the initial application of MicrobeCare.

Expert Application

Data Clean technicians can apply MicrobeCare to almost any surface throughout your facility. Desks, chairs, phones and keyboards can all be safely treated. Common areas like conference rooms, café tables, lobbies and other high traffic areas can also benefit from MicrobeCare. High touch surfaces like door handles, light switches, railings, control panels can be addressed.

Once applied, MicrobeCare creates a microscopic coating that bonds to the surface. It is non-leaching and will not transfer to skin, clothes or food. It is completely safe for your employees but deadly to microbes.

Data Clean technicians can apply this important, preventative treatment throughout even the largest facilities using our state-of-the art electrostatic sprayers.

Data Clean and MicrobeCare provide a unique, effective and long-lasting advantage in the battle against disease spread in the workplace.

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