In 1979, when Data Clean was founded, data centers were cool, new, and impressive. The equipment investment alone put data centers out of reach of all but the biggest enterprises. Even though the equipment was big and impressive, the new technology often failed. The hardware and software were literally bleeding edge. Data storage technologies were incredibly vulnerable to contamination-related failures. Tape media was easily damaged by any dirt caught between the direct contact read/write heads and the tape. Early hard drives, or Direct Access Storage Devices (DASD), featured removable disk packs. Removal and reinstallation of the platters was a potential opportunity to introduce contaminates into the system. Even though the disk heads could 'fly' just above the surface, contamination on the platters would cause the head to 'crash' into the surface, damage the disc and corrupt the data. Often installed within the same data center were the very machines responsible for creating unwanted contamination – printers. Line printers with fan fold paper gave way to laser printers capable of accommodating continuous roll paper. All the paper movement created clouds of airborne contamination.

Data Clean came to the rescue by professionally removing the harmful contaminaton from the environment to help ensure safe and reliable computing operations.

Eventually, printers got phased out of the data center, tape gave way to disc, and mechanical disc drives became the sealed units we know today.

With the advent of low power semiconductors, there was a brief period of time when complete elimination of the data center was posited; computers could be operated anywhere – without special power and dedicated cooling. Obviously, Data Clean would be in trouble in a world without data centers.

Fortunately, data centers remained and flourished. Moore’s law continued to hold – transistor count and chip density increased exponentially along with increased heat density and increased cooling load. Again, Data Clean was there to professionally remove contamination which, left unchecked, would clog intake vents and cause equipment overheating and downtime.

For 40 years, Data Clean has professionally removed harmful contamination from critical environments to help ensure safe and reliable operations. Data Clean continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers, small and large – month after month, year after year. Every day, our skilled technicians address a variety of environments from simple IDF closets to clean manufacturing areas and sterile laboratories. Besides cleaning solutions, we also provide important airflow management advice and products to keep data centers operating more efficiently and reduce costs. We continue to set-the bar for quality services and products in our industry.

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