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AirBlock Aisle Containment Ceiling System

Save money and time with the AirBlock Aisle Containment Ceiling System. This simple design and quality materials are the ideal solution for maximizing efficiency and controlling temperatures in both hot aisle and cold aisle containment applications. The drop away ceiling tiles help meet the requirements of local fire marshals.

Z-bar Mounting

When measuring aisle width, make sure to measure from rack-to-rack, rather than from the doors.


Angled Z-bar

Angled Z-bar

  • This cleanroom-grade, fully gasketed 2-inch T-bar grid uses standard 2' by 4' ceiling panels, and is designed for maximum strength.
  • Grid comes pre-assembled for quick installation, or order as an easy-to-assemble kit. Install to the top of the rack using fully adjustable Z-bars or riser panels for added height and clearance.
  • The aluminum alloy extrusion that is the basis of the AirBlock ceiling system incorporates a unique threaded track in case your application calls for installation from suspended cable trays or an existing ceiling.
  • Support lights, tiles, fan units and ductwork for hot-aisle containment, or use with cold aisle containment applications.
  • Available with new U.L.-approved, FM-approved, drop away ceiling tiles that accommodate your overhead sprinkler system. Choose from clear or frosted white. Panels drop into place and trim easily for smaller openings.
Ceiling Grids

Pre-assembled ceiling grids allow for easy and quick installation in your data center

Threaded Channel

The specialized extrusion includes a threaded channel that allows the ceiling system to be suspended with brackets. Note that the connecting hardware also accommodates threaded rod.

Sizing Chart

AirBlock Ceiling Grids come in these stock sizes. If you need special sizing that is not on this chart, your account manager can work with you to supply a custom grid.

Modular Grid
AirBlock Ceiling Grids

Custom sizes available

Drop Away Ceiling Tiles
Part No. Size Feature
HA-20134 24" x 48" Clear
HA-20135 24" x 48" Frosted

Z-Bar Riser Mounts
Part No. Size Feature
ZB-22-8 8-foot lengths Adjusts to 3" high

Panels can be ordered assembled or in kits. If you order in kits, all components are pre-cut and all hardware is included for assembly, including foam gaskets.

Contact your local Data Clean account manager for more information.

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