Trained Specialists 35 Years

Data Center Consulting

Data Clean has worked in and seen just about every possible configuration of data center. Besides, cleaning, we offer a broad array of value added services to help our clients operate their facilities in the safest and most efficient manner.

Airflow Management Consulting

Our trained experts can help develop a plan right for your rooms. Let us help get the most out of your cooling capacity and reduce cooling expense.

Airborne Particle Counts

The best run facilities monitor the contamination level in the facility by measuring the quantity of airborne particulate. This information is then used to drive policies and procedures that help maintain cleanliness of the facility. Data Clean can provide particulate counts to help you establish and maintain a monitoring program.

Contamination Identification

Data Clean can collect and analyze samples to identify the source of contamination. By knowing the source of the contamination, you can take positive action to reduce the impact of that contamination.

Best Practice Recommendations

How do you know what to do in your controlled environment. Just ask. With over 35 years in the industry, Data Clean has amassed a large knowledge base. Our Account Managers are anxious to share this knowledge with you.

Zinc Whisker Remediation

Zinc Whiskers represent a special situation that requires very careful and extensive effort to successfully neutralize. Data Clean has been helping its customers deal with the threat of Zinc Whiskers for many years. Zinc Whiskers are real but manageable. Data Clean provides consulting and remediation services for Zinc Whiskers and other contamination problems.

Please contact your local Data Clean account manager for more information.

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