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Cooling, Air-Conditioning, and Air-Flow Analysis

Data Clean has devised an energy-efficient intelligent cooling approach for data centers. When recommended changes are applied, it can postpone air-conditioning system upgrades and eliminate hot-spots while reducing the system’s energy consumption. Efficient cooling practices address the design of thermo-mechanically complex data centers and the immense energy consumption of the cooling system. Efficient cooling is achieved through modeling and metrology.

With the increase of high-density servers, providing the necessary cooling may be the most important and complex facility management issue facing a data center’s future. The data center industry believes that within 5 years, most data centers in the world will have to be replaced due to the inability to distribute enough power or provide enough cooling in the present centers.

Data Clean air-conditioning and air-flow services involves an in-depth study of the air-flow in the data center. If needed, thermal modeling is done to clearly illustrate the hot spots and provide an understanding of the heat migration. A comprehensive plan is presented that will help the customer effectively move towards the future of high-density servers.

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