Cleaning During Construction - Timeline

From beginning to end, Data Clean offers a variety of construction cleaning related services at all phases of a construction project.

Scope, Timeline & Budget Planning

Project scope review and a cleaning plan yields optimal results within budgetary objectives.

Step 2

Pre-Construction Cleaning

Cleaning legacy infrastructure before renovation work begins greatly reduces the amount of dust and debris that can contaminate critical spaces and allows other trades to work more efficiently.

Step 2

Equipment Protection & Isolation

Protect critical systems from contamination with protective structures, filters, and HEPA air-scrubbers. Ensure uptime during construction.

Step 3

Maintenance & Porter Service

Additional cleaning cycles are needed during construction to ensure contamination doesn't negatively impact critical equipment and processes. Data Clean offers a broad range of maintenance activities including pre-cleaning services for the tools, equipment, and materials to be used on the jobsite.

Step 4

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor and manage the impact of construction work in or around critical facilities. Data Clean can help you track a number of environmental metrics. Realtime monitoring from project start to finish lets you know about issues quickly and produces an audit trail to protect you and your client.

Step 5

Phased Cleaning & Final Clean

Plan to clean at construction milestones and after all other trades are finished working. Prepare for commissioning and operation.

Step 6

Data Clean Corporation offers consulting services to help you implement Best Practices in your controlled environment. Contact your local Data Clean account manager for more information.

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