Equipment Protection During Construction

Is your company planning construction work in or around your data center or other critical environment? Are you concerned about how the construction activities might negatively impact your critical operations?  Do you have a plan to address how contamination, vibration, and changes in airflow will affect your equipment?  Without such a plan, you will significantly increase your risk of premature equipment failure and downtime.  Do you need help designing or implementing your contamination mitigation plan? Contact your Data Clean representative today. We are taking critical equipment protection to the next level!

Data Clean has developed a variety of equipment and facility protection programs specifically designed to keep sensitive hardware safely operating during small and large construction projects.

To achieve great results, equipment protection must be integrated into your project from the very start. Long before the project begins, we work closely with contractors and end users to understand the specific work activities that will take place and the potential these activities have to generate contamination. Together, we determine the level of cleanliness required so everyone has the same expectations. This is a very important step as it helps define the level of protection and associated budget required for a successful project. Finally, we design and implement a protection program that will mitigate the various contamination risks while allowing your equipment to operate smoothly during the project.

The following are examples of successful protection programs developed by Data Clean for our customer’s construction and improvement projects.

Project 1:  Upgrade fire suppression and electrical systems in ceiling plenum above data center.

Construction Cleaning

Inside Protection

Project 2:  Replace CRAH units in data center


CRAH Barrier

Project #3:  Extensive drywall removal in mechanical rooms

Demolition Barrier

Drywall Removal

Protected Equipment

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