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Cable Mining and Identification

Abandoned cables can be combustible and pose a fire hazard to your facility. Unused cables can produce excessive smoke as well as contribute to the spread of fires. And iAbandoned Cablesn some juristictions, it is the law to remove abandoned cables. Changes to the National Electric Code (NEC) in 2002, may mean that you are in violation of current electrical code. It is possible that you could be fined for failure to remove these hazards.

In addition, excessive cables can prevent the flow of cool air from getting to the hot spots near your critical systems. The weight of excessive cables can potentially cause structural vulnerabilities with your subfloor.

Hospitals, schools, and other institutions that have been around for many years are often at risk.

If you have ever looked under a raised floor in a data center, it looks like a huge pile of colored spaghetti. This is due to the fact that over the years as equipment is replaced and new product vendors come and go, old discarded cables build up under the raised floor. Data center managers estimate that over 50% of those cables are unused. These old cables can be confusing to the user when troubleshooting a problem but more importantly they take up space under the floor. Over time the buildup of cables can be so extensive that they block airflow under the raised floor. With airflow being the most precious commodity in the data center, keeping the area unrestricted is vital to the proper operation of the air-conditioning distribution.

Data Clean offers a cable mining service in which we remove all unwanted and unused cables from under the raised floor. With careful planning and working with an in-house network person, we identify all of the unused cables and carefully remove them from the facility. This allows easier understanding of the existing cabling network and improves air-flow under the floor.

With our extensive experience, Data Clean technicians are able to carefully remove unused cabling or abandoned cables hidden beneath your underfloor. Consult with your Data Clean account manager can provide you with recommendations on how to correct this problem.

Cable Identification

Data Clean also provides products to assist you with labeling and managing your cables. Properly labeled cables help save time doing day-to-day activities as well as ensure that you can be responsive during emergencies. Cable Management


Please contact your local Data Clean account manager for more information.

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