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CoolCard - Assessing Data Center Airflow Quickly and Easily

Data Clean offers high value solutions to computer room cooling challenges. A great starting point is knowing how your room is performing. Sophisticated measurement, tracking, and control systems are great but not always available. Sometimes simple common sense assessments can be just as useful and provide instant understanding. For example, is your computer room positively pressurized relative to surrounding areas? It should be if everything is working properly.

Data Clean CoolCardTry this quick and easy check: simply hold a piece of paper or facial tissue to the crack between the door and frame. The paper should be drawn out of the computer room. Next, check to see if your CRAC/CRAH units are delivering sufficient cold air to your racks. If you don't have an airflow monitor, you can use a Data Clean CoolCard to get a quick assessment. A CoolCard doesn't require batteries and can be used forever. Get yours today by asking your Data Clean account manager.

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