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FAQ - Questions and answers regarding controlled environments and facility cleaning

Whitepapers & Articles

Access Floor Tiles and The Symptoms of Age

The Secret to Watts, BTUs and Tons

Power Usage Effectiveness - PUE

Contamination Control

Equipment Protection During Construction

Particulate Contamination - It's all around us! Do you know the source of your dirt?

Don't Forget to Look Up!

Clean CRAC Filters, Clean Data Center-Right?

Prevent False Alarms in the Data Center

Neglected IDF Room Results in $30,000+ Loss

Where Do You Keep Your Data Center Vacuum?

Tips for Cleaning During Construction and Remodeling

Data Center Best Practices for Contamination Control - Guidelines for Critical Environments

Are Unsafe Cleaners Being Used in Your Critical Environment?

Is Your Data Center Concrete Subfloor Properly Sealed? Determine if Your Data Center Concrete Floor is Sealed Properly.


PDF Product Evaluation - CoolAssist Fan-Assisted Floor TileProduct Evaluation - CoolAssist Fan-Assisted Floor Tile

CoolCard - Assessing Data Center Airflow Quickly and Easily

Is Hot Aisle Cold Aisle Dead?

PDF Questions and Answers on Data Center Cooling Issues

PDF Integrated Data Center Design in the New Millennium
       Courtesy of Energy User News

PDF Alternating Cold and Hot Aisles Provides More Reliable Cooling for Server Farms
       By Robert F. "Dr. Bob" Sullivan, Ph.D.


Zinc Whiskers
PDF Zinc Whiskers - What You Should Know Now! (2009)
       By Rich Hill

PDF Are Zinc Whiskers Growing in Your Computer Room?
       By Rich Hill

PDF Zinc Whisker Contamination - A Paper on the Effect and Abatement of
       Zinc Whiskers in Data Processing Centers

       By David Loman, HP Services

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On-Demand Webcasts

"Maintenance of Non-Traditional Computing Environments"
by Rich Hill, President, Data Clean Corporation.
Not only has computing changed dramatically over the past decade, but so have the environments in which we perform our computing. While the traditional raised-floor, drop-ceiling, one-owner data center certainly still exists, there are many other environmental configurations that can now be considered typical or commonplace. New and different architectural configurations demand different maintenance protocols. This on-demand presentation addresses the unique considerations for cleaning and maintenance required to ensure safe and reliable computing in non-traditional facilities, such as factory production areas, wiring closets, areas without under-floor or ceiling plenums, colocation facilities and warehouses. This material presented will track and reference the newly proposed ASHRAE Datacom Environment Contamination Levels.

"Zinc Whiskers, What Nobody's Telling You - A New Zinc Whisker Threat" - 24 minutes, 3.14 MB.
The reality today is Zinc Whiskers are growing directly on and in computers, servers, racks, and cabinets - it's not just on building materials. This webinar deals with the very real problem of Zinc Whiskers growing in and on your active computer hardware.  We will review the cause and effect of Zinc Whiskers and what to do about contaminated equipment.  View the Replay Now...

"Downtime Disasters - The Costs of Contamination" - 47 minutes, 4.68 MB. Contamination can lead to lost revenue in the millions of dollars. How does contamination occur? What are the industry standards for your environment? How can a poor environment cause downtime, packet loss, and bit errors? Learn to identify sources of contamination, its effects, and how to prevent it.

"Practical Solutions for Resolving Cooling Issues in the Data Center" - 48 minutes, 4.69 MB. By viewing this recorded webcast, you will learn how to calculate how much cooling you need, how to get the most out of your cooling systems, eliminate hot spots, and save money too.


ASHRAE: Control and Prevention of Particulate & Gaseous Contamination in Data Centers